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Pokémon the Series: Sun & Moon

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New adventure for Ash and Pikachu has started!

This new adventure takes place in the Alola region, full of nature. What awaits Ash and Pikachu in Alola, surrounded by an endless expanse of blue sky and seas? New Pokémon, new frinds, and new experiences… An adventure filled with aell sorts of new things begins at last! Ash also has a new look. Stay tuned for new adventures!

Let’s go! Full power! On a great adventure!!



A 10 year old boy aiming to become a Pokémon Master. He’s come to experience school life for the first time in the Alola region!


The best partner and Ash’s first Pokémon companion.

Rotom Dex

Knows almost everything about Pokémon. By having the Rotom loaded into the illustrated Pokémon dictionary (Pokédex), a revolutionary reference manual has been completed. It speaks human languages and supports Ash on his explorations.


Kukui researches on Pokémon battles and skills, and the teacher of the class at the school. Ash will be staying at Kukui’s home.

Samson Oak

The headmaster of the school. A cousin of Professor Oak, who has made appearances since the old series. He is researching the evolution of Pokémon that are unique in Alola region.

Team Rocket: Jessie, James and Meowth

The evil group aiming to get Ash’s Pikachu, along with rare and strong Pokémon.


A girl who loves Pokémon but for some reason can’t touch one. She has the best knowledge of Pokémon in the class.


Likes the Fire type Pokémon. His family operates a ranch, so he goes to school while helping out at home.


Likes Grass type Pokémon. Has an active personality, but can also be scatterbrained. Helping out her family running Aina’s Kitchen. She is the drawing card of the restaurant!


Likes Water type Pokémon. She’s usually quiet, but she’s actually really proactive! She is the daughter of fisherman and the eldest of three sisters.


Likes Electric type Pokémon. A young science geek who is familiar with programming. Thoroughly understands and analyzes the things he specializes in.


Grass Quill Pokémon
Grass / Flying type


Fire Cat Pokémon
Fire type


See Lion Pokémon
Water type


Puppy Pokémon
Rock type

Tapu Koko

Land Spirit Pokémon
Electric / Fairy type


New Setting

The setting is the Alola region!
The warm islands that comprise the Alola Region.

New Friends

Ash has entered school!
At “Pokémon School”, he will learn all kinds of things together with his classmates and Pokémon.

New Pokémon

The Alola region is filled with never-before-seen Pokémon. What kind of Pokémon will Ash encounter?


“Z-Moves” are full-power attacks that unleashed by combined power of a Trainer and their Pokémon! What will Z-Ring have to do with Z-Moves? Ash gets Z-Ring!!
A certain event puts the Z-Ring in Ash’s hands.