Registration is now open for the 4th Certification Exam!

This is your chance to apply that Card Game knowledge and enthusiasm for the Pokémon Card Game!

By passing the exam and formally receiving certification, you can participate as an Official Judge in Pokémon Card Game tournaments, or organize Pokémon Card Game events on your own as the main organizer!

Furthermore, as a player, you can use this exam as an opportunity to learn about the correct play procedures and rules.

There is no exam fee.
We await your applications!

What is the Official Certification Exam?

Pokémon Card Game Official Certification Exam Process

Exam Registration

Register through the designated registration form within the period.

Registration form

Exam ID/Password Notification

The Exam ID and Password required for the exam will be sent to the registered email address by February 11, 2022 5PM (PHL)

Exam Proper

You can only take the exam one time and only on the specified exam period.

Notification of a Pass Result
Notification of Interview Details
(for exam passers only)

We will send you the test results within 7 days after the first exam. We will notify the exam passers about the details of the online interview.

Online Interview

We will interview those who passed the first exam.

※We will be using Zoom for the interview. Please make sure that you can use Zoom.

Notification of Final Results

We will send you the exam results 7 days after the Interview.


Those who passed the Certification exam will participate in a training program.

Signing the Agreement

After training, sign the Event Organizer agreement.

Receive the Certification Badge

After confirming the agreement, we will hand over the Certification Badge.

Start of Activities

※ The second exam will be an online interview using Zoom. If you cannot use Zoom, please note that you will not be able to take the exam.

※ The note that the time of contact may vary.

※ Please make sure to set your email account to recognize mail that comes from the domain in order to receive the Password notification email.

■ List of Prohibitions in the Official Certification Exam.

・  It is strictly prohibited to leak information about the exam (such as exam questions from the first or second exam; or the trends in the questions) to a third party.

・  It is also strictly prohibited to post such information on the Internet or any other place where it can be viewed by an unspecified number of people.

・  If such information leakage on this exam were to be discovered, the candidate involved will fail the test regardless of the result, and the test itself may be cancelled altogether. Please be careful.

Pokémon Card Game Official Certification Exam. Implementation Overview
※For the 2 tests

First Exam. (Online Exam.)

The Official Certification Exam Drill Challenge (free of charge) starts at the same time! Those who want to prepare for the exam or take a mock exam, please take part in this.

Examination Period February 13, 2022 11PM - February 20, 2022 10:59PM (PHL)

You can take the exam at anytime within 24 hours.

You can begin the test until the time stated above. However, if the session expires due to communication status or terminal malfunction or any other reason past the times stated above, the exam is considered over. Please take the test with plenty of time to spare.

We may perform system maintenance from time to time in order to continue to provide you with appropriate services. Please take note of this in advance.

Information on system maintenance will be posted on the exam page.

Examination Time 60 minutes
Examination Attempts 1 attempt per 1 Exam ID
Examination Category 1. Official Judge
2. Event Organizer

Please choose the exam type when you register.

You can choose to take both category of Certification Exam.


「Pokémon Card Game Official Judge」

Those who currently do not have this certification

Willing to work as a judge at official competitions, etc.

Those who are familiar with the rules of the Pokémon card game

Those who are willing to work to spread the appeal of the Pokémon card game

Those who are over 18 years old

(For each region)Those who currently reside in the country

「Pokémon Card Game Event Organizer」

Those who currently do not have this certification

Those who are willing to work to spread the appeal of the Pokémon card game

Those who have mastered the basic ways of playing the Pokémon card game

Those who are over 18 years old

(For each region)Those who currently reside in the country

Application Process
and Deadline

Please use the registration form below to select the tests you wish to take and register.

Registration Deadline:
January 30, 2022 11PM - February 6, 2022 10:59PM (PHL)

Registration Form

Capacity Official Judge/Event Organizer
300 people from all regions combined

In case of large numbers of applications, a lottery will be held.

Only winners will be notified with ID and Password.

Exam Format/
Exam Content

Exam Format
Multiple choice(Exam time: 60 minutes)

Exam Content
Pokémon Trading card game Sword & Shield series cards
Pokémon Trading card game Sun & Moon series cards
Pokémon Trading card game Sword & Shield How to play instruction manual
Rules Guide for Advanced Players
The Pokémon Trading card game Floor Rules

There are different passing criteria for the Certified Judge and Event Organizer exams.

Once you have taken the Certified Judge certification, you cannot switch to the Organizer certification.


All information, including exam URL and login ID/password, can be found in the password notification email. You may take the exam at any time during the exam period, except during maintenance hours.

There is no extension of the course period. Please take the exam well in advance.

You may retake the exam if you are interrupted in the middle of the exam due to communication problems, device malfunctions, or any other reason.

You can still begin the exam until September 19 at 10:59pm.However, after this time, if the session is interrupted due to communication status, device malfunction, or any other reason, the test will be terminated immediately. Please take note in advance.

Online availability

In order to view the card, please use a computer.

To take the test, please refer to the recommendations here. (Updated as needed)

Windows 8.1 + IE 11
Windows 10 + IE 11

MacOS X 10.11 + safari

Screen resolution 1024 x 768 pixels or higher
javascript must be enabled
Cookies must be enabled

About the Password
notification email

All information, including your exam URL and login ID/password, can be found in your password notification email. Please keep this information private.

A password notification email will be sent by email by Friday, February 11, 2022 5PM (PHL).

Please set it up in advance so that you can receive emails from to your device.


Your personal information collected during the examination process, such as test applications, will be handled in accordance with the privacy policy set by Pokémon Inc. You can check the contents of our Privacy Policy here.

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FAQ Frequently Asked Questions

Second Exam

Date and Time Those who have passed the first exam will be contacted separately by email.
Examination Time Around 40 minutes
Examination Category 1. Official Judge
2. Event Organizer
Those who passed the first exam
Exam Format Interview-type exam via Zoom (group)

We will ask about your goals for the activities after each certification, spreading the word about how to play, your desire to be a judge, and yourself.

To take the test, please check the requirements for「Zoom」.


If you are unable to take the exam due to unavoidable circumstances, please contact us through the link below.

Contact us Facebook ”Pokémon TCG Asia ENG”
FAQ Frequently Asked Questions
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